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5 Reasons To Bring Your Children to Baby Broadway

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Why choose Baby Broadway?

1. It’s as much for you as it is for them

Baby Broadway is a music concert for both you and your little one.  Sometimes more so for you, as many of the songs we perform you are likely to remember from your own childhood (especially if – like me – you knew ALL the words to Mary Poppins and have fond memories of watching The Sound of Music every single Christmas).  I’m afraid there won’t be any Wheels on the Bus during our concerts…

2. Professional performers will inspire

I once staged the whole of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in my friend’s bedroom during the school holidays.  He was Joseph and I was everyone else (including the narrator, the 11 brothers and the Pharaoh… attention-seeking, moi?).  That was inspired by just a single cassette of Jason Donovan – we have real life professional West End performers to exhilarate your children, imagine what that could do!  Introducing them to any live music at an early age is a fantastic experience, and you never know you could have the next Bonny Langford on your hands….

3. Music boosts your mood and your brain

We’ve all listened to a piece of music that has moved us in some way.  Music has a direct link to our emotions, expressing feelings where sometimes words aren’t enough. Songs written for the theatre are often ramped up even further to entertain, move the story along or express undying love.  We have selected some of the most uplifting and engaging songs from musicals so even if you’ve had one of THOSE mornings with your little darlings, you should all leave with a smile on your face.

Different patterns of brain development are stimulated when we hear music.  If your son or daughter (or you) actively engages with music by singing their heart out to Frozen, structural changes take place in the brain giving better overall aural memory* – so Let It Go!

*according to research by Professor Susan Hallam MBE, UCL Institute of Education.

4. Socialise with show tunes

Singing and dancing along with others gives us a sense of belonging, no matter where you are or what you’re listening to.  Baby Broadway is an opportunity to meet like-minded parents in your area, catch up with friends or just spent quality time with the kids.

5. It’s a jolly good show

We’ve had some wonderful feedback so far about Baby Broadway shows.  In a recent survey of the audience, 80% said ‘I loved it and so did my baby/child’, and 3 out of 4 people said they would go again.

“A great idea – please do more”

“I couldn’t believe the singers, pitch perfect!  They were incredible”

“Had a brilliant time today, cheers”

“Some songs were the good old classics that we could sing along to”

“the performers were great at making eye contact with the kids”

Baby Broadway concerts are expanding across London and the surrounding areas.  For details of forthcoming concerts, click here.

If there is somewhere you would like to see us, please feel free to contact us.